8 essential apps to help you discover Rome

Sometimes travel planning might become too overwhelming and confusing. Going through tons of guidebooks, maps and articles takes out all the excitement from a journey. On the positive side nowadays technology allows us to plan our trip on the go. All you need is a smartphone. Imagine walking in Rome and feeling hungry. And then in just one click you can get a list of nearby restaurants. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Well here’s a list of top essential apps that will make you forget all the planning stress and help to enjoy Rome even more.


One of the first things that might make you feel uncomfortable in another country is different language. All signs, labels and schedules are in Italian. But language should not be a barrier between you and significant Italian culture. Leave translation to these apps.


This is one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world. It will help you learn basic words and phrases, practice reading and writing and even help with the pronunciation. Education process consists of mini lessons in fun and playful form. You may take your Italian a couple steps forward by using this app on a plane or before bedtime. Duolingo is free and available for IOS and Android.



Google translator

This is definitely one of the first apps in mind, when it comes to translating. First of all it has offline dictionary, which is super convenient since we all know how expensive international roaming plan might be. Another great feature is “Instant camera translation”. If you have a typed text in Italian and you need it to be translate, just take a picture of it and Google translator will do the rest. It’s great for when you need to read any sign or poster and there’s no one around to help you. App is free and available for IOS and Android.

Google translator



Getting around in unfamiliar city is always like walking through maze. Even if you know exactly your point of destination, it’s a trouble to find the right train, bus or stop. These apps were designed to make you feel like a local in Rome.

Rome Bus

All necessary information is gathered in one place. This app was tailored to make Rome navigation as simple as possible. You can easily view bus routes as well as check arrivals in real time. Interactive map system provides you with all the stops around you, by tracking your location. In addition, you can “favorite” needed stops, which comes in handy if you’re planning you route beforehand. Roma Bus is updated 24 h and is available in English and Italian. Free for download on IOS and Android.

Roma bus


ForeverMap 2

Forget about paper maps with FovererMap2. It offers detailed map of all the countries and cities in the world. You can choose online or offline mode. For instance, Rome map can be used even without internet connection. In addition, ForeverMap2 includes a handy guide with lots of entertaining information about attractions around the world. Interesting articles can be downloaded to your phone and viewed later without wi-fi access. This app is only available for IOS and costs $ 2.99.




Just like Colosseum and Trevi Fountain Italian food is one of the reasons to visit Rome. But with limited vacation time you don’t want to be searching for a best restaurant or café. If only you had a friend, who could recommend the best spots to eat in Rome? With these apps you will feel like you do.

Katie Parla’s Rome

Katie Parla is a food journalist and blogger. Through her app she shares more than 200 places that will help discover dining traditions in Rome. There are a lot of categories and lists that will help you make a decision: distance, budget, food type etc. Katie Parla’s Rome also works offline and doesn’t require internet connection all the time. But new data will be automatically uploaded once you have internet access. GPS will recognize your location and recommend nearby venues. Available only for IOS for $ 0.99.

Katie Parla's Rome


Eat Italy

Designed by another food writer Elizabeth Minchilli this app offers over 100 carefully selected food spots. She describes these places as: “All that I go to, love and would send friends to”. You can choose from restaurants, wine bars, coffee bars, bakeries and even hotels – all handpicked by Elizabeth. Eat Italy allows users to access individual guides (Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan etc). Each guide can be downloaded for a free trial. Full version is available for additional cost. Available for IOS only Eat Rome guide costs $ 3.99.

Eat Italy



Italian capital is not only beautiful, but also holds so much history that it’s impossible not to get excited about a variety of stories from the life of the city. These apps contain all kinds of entertaining information about Rome, so it feels like having a personal guide.

Rome Travel Guide and Offline City Map

Actually this is more than just an offline map. You can search everything from restaurants to streets. Ulmon Guide offers useful and comprehensive information along with pictures on thousands of attractions in Rome. You can also preselect places to visit and create personalized travel guide. Great feature for those, who like to plan their trips. App is available both for IOS and Android. Plus it’s free.

Rome Travel Guide and Offline City Map


PocketGuide Audio Travel Guide with Offline Maps – Rome

This is your personal guide that will reveal all the best stories about must see sight in Rome. This app tracks your location and gives you audio guide tours around the city. There are different themed tours available at your choice. Or you can just wander around Rome and receive information when an interesting sight is nearby. All tours are designed by local experts to give you the most valuable information. This app is free as long as you’re using internet. But if you don’t have any access, just download the tours and use it offline when needed. Available for IOS and Android.

Rome PocketGuide