Coffee and gelato: 7 must visit eateries in Rome

It seems impossible to stay hungry in the Italian capital. There are lots of family cafes with home made meals, as well as restaurants with specialty menus and exquisite interiors all around the city. You can try pizza of any taste, get a cup of coffee specially brewed by original recipe and treat yourself with real Italian ice cream. It’s hard to pick the best places among this variety. Therefore we present you a list of the most unusual of them.

1. Fassi

It is the oldest ice cream shop in Rome that has opened back in 1880. It all began with a simple trolley, which Fassi family used to push through the streets of Rome. One time King Vittorio Emmanuel tasted delicious ice cream and turned family business all around. In 1928 the first ice cream café was opened in ‘Palazzo del Freddo” or simply The Palace of Cold, where it remains nowadays. Spacious rooms with elegant tables bring together children, families and elderly people. Menu offers huge selection of ice cream, including unique types, which are only made here. During the winter time you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or warm creamy drinks with a taste of vanilla, white chocolate, coffee or nuts. This is a great place to visit with kids.

Address: Via Principe Eugenio 65, 00185, Roma

Chocolate gelato

2. Sant’ Eustachio

For nearly 70 years members of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies come to this small coffee shop for a morning cappuccino and afternoon espresso. And all because of a special type of coffee, which is brewed here according to original recipe – strong and delicious. This place is never empty. Locals like to drink Moretto – espresso with a small amount of hot milk foam densely sprinkled with cocoa. They usually drink it “al volo” or standing. Tourists like to order frappe and granita – espresso mixed with small shaved ice and cream.

Address: Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 82, Roma

Sant Eustachio

3. Pizzeria da Baffetto

This restaurant serves one of the most delicious pizzas in Rome. This family business has been led by Grandfather Buffet for almost a half of century. And he knows everything about pizza: thin dough with fresh and juicy filling. Tourists often like to search for places where locals eat. Well Pizzeria da Baffetto usually welcomes locals and foreigners at the same time. But if you want to try this pizza be ready to face huge lines. Although it’s worth waiting, because for 20-25 EUR you’ll get first class Italian pizza that comes with beer in addition. It’s hard to pick the best one, but locals consider “margarita” to be a bestseller. There are two pizza restaurants in Rome.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, Roma and Piazza del Teatro Pompeo, 18, Roma

Italian pizza

4. Caffe Creco

It is one of the oldest cafes in Rome, as it was mentioned in census back in 1760. Located in the center of Rome, close to the famous Spanish Stairs it serves delicious coffee and special candies in boxes. Kings and Queens used to come here along with writers and artists.

Although Caffe Greco may seem unattractive from outside it has very original interior with more than 300 works of art inside. Unique paintings, photographic works and antique sculptures make this place look like a museum. Waiters in tailcoats serve guests at the restaurant. But you can also taste coffee at the bar.

Address: Via dei Condotti, 86, 00187 Roma

Caffe Greco interior

5. Antico Forno Roscioli

Located in historical part of Rome this bakery has been known for its variety of traditional Italian bread and pastries. Both locals and tourists often come here to enjoy some delicacies. Three generations of Rosciolis family have been preparing one of the most popular types of pizza – with tomatoes and sweet mozzarella. Other popular dishes are fettuccine with mushrooms and cheese sauce, risotto and ravioli with ricotta and pesto sauce.

Address: Via dei Chiavari, 34, Roma

Italian bread

6. Hostaria Romana

If you’re looking for a real Roman trattoria, this place is for you. It attracts locals and tourists with its delicious meals and high standards of cooking. Its interior is decorated in medieval style and has total capacity of 40 seats. Walls decorated with painting reproductions and floors have decorative marble tiles. Restaurant offers variety of classic Italian cuisine. You can try grilled vegetables, salami, pasta carbonara, omelets, pizzas, cheeses, wines and more. Portions are large and very nutritious. Make sure to book a table beforehand, since Hostaria Romana is usually very busy.

Address: Via del Boccaccio, 1, 00187 Roma

Italian pasta

7. Pompi

Established in 1960 by a family of Pompey this pastry-shop is very popular among Romans and city guests. According to Romans it serves the most delicious Tiramisu dessert. Try different flavors from the classic to pistachio, wild berries, banana and more. Tiramisu is sold in a convenient take-away box with a spoon. Or stay at the shop and order a cup of delicious Italian coffee with a dessert.

Address: Via della Croce, 82, Roma

Tiramisu dessert