10 most romantic places in Rome

Every year thousands of couples come to Rome to spend a romantic weekend, honeymoon or just to make a surprise to a loved one. And no wonder, since Rome is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. We want to offer you a list of the most romantic place in this city, hoping to give a reason for you to come here with your significant other.

1. Ponte Milvio

Ponte Milvio (eng. Milvio Bridge) is no doubt one of the most famous romantic places in Rome. It became especially popular after Roman writer Federicco Moccia wrote about it in his books, for example in “Tre metri sopra il cielo”. Thousands of teens come here to hang a lock on a bridge and throw keys into the Tiber River.

Address: Ponte Milvio, 00196 Roma

Locks on the Milvio Bridge

2. The Rose garden

Previously we have already written about Aventine Orange Garden. However, not many people know that right in the neighborhood of oranges every spring you can find an amazing beauty of hundreds of different varieties of roses. Many pass by without even noticing it. There’s even a heart made out of roses for romantic photos. Entrance is free, but the garden is only open during blooming period – from April to July.

Address: Via di Valle Murcia, 6, 00153 Roma

Roses on Aventine Hill

3. Vittoriano panoramic terrace

Certainly terraces have always been popular places among loving couples. While in Rome you have probably noticed a large white building on the Piazza Venezia. It is called Vittiriano and there is a lovely terrace up there. For 7 euros you can get to the top floor on a lift and enjoy spectacular view on the city. There is also a romantic café with a view of the Roman Forum and Colloseum on a floor below.

Address: Piazza Venezia, 00186 Roma

Vittoriano terrace

4. Laghetto Di Villa Borghese

Roman parks themselves are a great place for romantic walks. But if you want more privacy, since there’s usually lots of tourists around, we suggest visiting Villa Borghese Park. An especially walk to its lake. There is an island in the middle of the lake decorated with ancient Roman ruins. In addition it is a home to many rare birds and turtles. You can also rent a boat and sail together.

Address: Viale dell’Aranciera, 00197 Roma

Lake in Villa Borghese Park

5. Castel Sant’Angelo

What could be better for a romantic date than Castle Sant’Angelo at night? You can reach this impressive monument by taking a walk over the Ponte Sant’Angelo Bridge. If you are lucky to be to be right by this magnificent place on a summer night, you can visit one of the many classical music concerts organized under “Estate Romana” event.

Address: Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00193 Roma

Castle Sant Angelo at night

6. Zodiaco

Roman Monte Mario hill along with the observatory dome is visible from all terraces in the city. This is a popular place, especially among Roman couples. Zodiaco is name used among people, to symbolize this hill with twined paths and magical view of the city. If you are planning a date, this might be a perfect place. You can have a dinner at the restaurant located on the hill and enjoy the romance of Rome.

Address: Viale del Parco Mellini, 88/92, 00136 Roma

View on Rome from Monte Mario hill

7. The Colosseum and Via dei Fori Imperiali

For those who would like to take a romantic stroll in the heart of Rome, with no doubt, this place cannot be missed. Walking here in the evening with all the illumination is a truly unforgettable experience. Later you can share romantic memories of magical atmosphere of surrounding Roman ruins.

Address: Via dei Fori Imperiali

Colosseum at night

8. Janiculum Hill

Janiculum is the highest of the Roman hills. It offers breathtaking views of the Eternal City, which lies at its foot. Every day you can hear firing, which alerts Romans about the noon and approaching lunch. During the day Janiculum Hill is filled with tourists. But closer to evening many couples come here for a romantic date. This place has all the best conditions: nice warm breeze, unique city views and soft rays of sunset.

Address: Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 00165 Roma

View from Janiculum Hill

9. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain attracts a constant stream of tourists wishing to throw a coin and take a photo of this picturesque monument. One of the unique features of this fountain is that water flows out of the wall of the building. But not everyone knows that there is a rectangular tank with two small nozzles at the right edge of the fountain – lovers fountain. Couples who drink from this fountain will remain forever in love and faithfulness. In the past this simple ritual was carried out when the groom left for a long time, such a military service.

Address: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma

Trevi Fountain

10. Romantic cruise on the Tiber River

And finally, for those who want to spend a romantic evening in Rome, we offer to take a mini-cruise on the Tiber on a boat, where you can enjoy delicious romantic dinner, while watching breathtaking views of the Eternal City.

Cruise on Tiber River