Rome is the capital of Italy and Lazio region. It’s the largest city in Italy and one of the most visited cities in the world. The city stands on 12 hills with Tiber River dividing it.

Rome is full of history as there are so many memories of past times preserved on its streets. Here you will find ancient monuments (Colosseum, the Pantheon), whole architectural ensembles (Forums), medieval city areas (Trastevere), numerous palaces and churches from the Renaissance. Everywhere city is decorated with marble staircases, cozy squares with fountains, numerous monuments from different eras.

This is also a unique city, as it holds independent state within its borders – Vatican. It is the main center of Catholicism with abundance of catholic churches, created by Italian architectures and decorated by great Italian painters and sculptors.

Rome often called the Eternal City. And no wonder, this Italian capital is more than 2.7 thousand years old. Although despite its age, it remains as beautiful and unique. This city offers so many sites and attractions, that it seems impossible to explore all of it even if you have a whole week. Nowadays all of the historical sites are harmoniously blended with lively Roman streets, modern business centers and restaurants.

Walking through the streets of Rome, you can image how Caesar or Michelangelo used to live here. This city is so diverse that one moment you can be looking at hundred years old painting and another enjoying a cup of perfectly brewed espresso in a cozy café.

All of this for many years has been attracting hundreds of tourists every year. And not only tourists: parents with kids like to spend their family vacations here, loving couples come to Rome for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon, and those who are interested in history consider the Eternal City a must-visit place.

But among all of these beautiful places in the Eternal City one can easily get lost in a huge variety of attractions, especially if this is your first time. Travel sites are usually full of comments asking for useful tips and trick when visiting Rome: where to go, what to see, what restaurants have delicious, yet not very expensive food and so on.

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And remember whatever attracted you to this Eternal City, whether it is history, delicious cuisine or simply shopping, it is impossible to be bored in Rome. Anyone can find something to love about it. Come and see yourself!

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